For meeting professionals, by meeting professionals

We have been active in the congress and event industry for almost 30 years. We have experienced many events as an organizer, accommodation provider and in various strategic and supplying roles. Usually beautiful, apparently successful events. But not always with a clear objective. And therefore also with limited value and impact.

Effective and impactful events are more than a perfect implementation of individual parts. It is an integrated approach in which all components connect seamlessly in terms of cohesion, purpose and implementation. We are happy to help!

How we want to be meaningful

We want to contribute to the development of people, organizations and the (event) world. Events are a super powerful means to start this development.

We help to create events with optimal value and impact.

How we work

We bring together! By combining our teams’ and networks’ knowledge, skills, experience, insights and creativity with yours and your event, we create an unprecedented force, with which we help to quickly increase and demonstrate the value and impact of your events.

What we do

In our perspective, three elements are necessary for a successful conference or event. Our contribution is on the first two, we are happy to leave the organization and execution to professionals like you .


Determine objectives & give direction to the design


Creating transparent & actionable results


Organize everything in between meticulously

Nico’s story

At MeetingMatters we dream of a world in which every event is demonstrably effective and impactful. Regardless of whether they take place physically, online or in a hybrid form.

“Do you really add value with your conferences and events? And are you able to demonstrate that value? ”

We help you achieve maximum impact with your events. We do this by clarifying objectives, translating these into the design of your event and measuring the effects, so that you can demonstrate the value. We are happy to leave the organizing and execution of the event to professionals like you (of course we are available for you to spar when you need it).

Nico Meyer CMM, CED

Nico Meyer CMM, CED


“Bringing people together with their experiences, visions and ideas to strengthen each other and grow together. And thus optimally connect to each other.”

MeetingMatters by Qmatters

MeetingMatters is part of Qmatters, a contemporary and independent organization, specialized in the sustainable development of people and organizations. Through a distinctive approach in research, training, coaching and advice, Qmatters contributes to increasing personal, team, customer and organization Happiness.

MeetingMatters specifically focuses on supporting organizations in the meeting industry to create meetings with more value and impact.

Where can you meet us?

The people of MeetingMatters by Qmatters are active members of professional and trade organizations such as CLC-VECTA and Meeting Professionals International (MPI). We can often be found at the meetings of these associations and at other trade events. Feel free to contact us during these meetings, because we are happy to help you with the questions you have about impactful events.

Of course you can always contact us for an appointment. We are happy to visit you (for now online) to discuss the added value of your congresses and events. And how we can support you in achieving this!

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