Increasing and demonstrating event value

How great would it be if each meeting is perfectly fitted to everyone’s needs and expectations? Realizing all objectives at the same time? And we can demonstrate that too?

At </ span > MeetingMatters < / span> we dream of a world in which only demonstrably effective and impactful events are organized. Regardless of whether they take place physically, online or in a hybrid form.

We bring together!

y combining our teams’ and networks’ knowledge, skills, experience, insights and creativity with yours and your event, we create an unprecedented force, with which we help to quickly increase and demonstrate the value and impact of your events.

In our perspective, three elements are necessary for a successful conference or event. Our contribution is on the first two, we are happy to leave the organization and execution to professionals like you.


Determine objectives & give direction to the design


Making results transparent, actionable and demonstrable


Meticulously organize everything in between

Our approach

Event strategy

A conference or event (physical, online and hybrid) is one of the most effective tools to create value for your organization, association or institution. We support you in developing a clear strategy for your events, so that they have exactly the effect that you have in mind.

Goal setting

An event is never an end in itself. The stakeholders involved have objectives that you want to translate into the event. We help you to clarify the objectives of the various stakeholders and formulate them in such a way that they become measurable. On both operational, tactical and strategic level.

Event Design

With clear objectives you can get started with the form and content of your event. Which shift or behavioral change do you want to achieve? Together with your team and involved stakeholders, we translate objectives to the design of your meeting. How and to what extent can the different elements of your event contribute to the objectives.


A successful event or conference stands or falls with a flawless execution. We like to leave that to professionals like you. During this phase we are of course available for you to spar, if you feel the need.


Just observing the event happening already tells you a lot about how your event went. But with available event data and feedback from participants, sponsors and other stakeholders, you can create an objective insight. We ensure that you can accurately map this through the correct measurements and insights, from satisfaction to effect and impact.

Results & impact (ROI)

Your stakeholders want to know whether the event has ‘delivered’. Has it achieved its objectives, delivered value and changed behaviors? In order to be able to determine what the impact and effectiveness of the event and the event strategy have been. We process the data and translate insights into compact and action-oriented feedback reports for you and the stakeholders involved.
Results &
Event Design

For organizers

Are you a meeting owner or organizer of congresses and events?

Then we are happy to help you make the objectives for your event crystal clear and measurable and translate these into the EventDesign. We conduct an effective evaluation or you, we translate the data and demonstrate the impact of your event.

For venues and suppliers

Are you a venue or event supplier ?

Then we would like to help you make it crystal clear and measurable how you can add value to events with your services.

Through customer evaluations, we help you gain insights that demonstrate your added value and how you can add even more value at a next event.

Working with MeetingMatters

“We believe the most sustainable decision you can make or your event is to ensure it really adds value!”

We understand your position like no other, because we have more than 25 years of experience in the full spectrum of events (we have been active as an organizer, accommodation provider, marketer and supplying partner).

Our distinctive character lies in spotting and creating opportunities, connecting elements and parties so that they add even more value together. In addition, we are able to simplify complex matters and to bring strategy and operations together in a pragmatic way.