Creating real value

Do you want to let all energy and investment put into events really add value for participants, client, organizers and other stakeholders?

We help you achieve optimal impact with your events, by clarifying objectives together with you, translating these into the design of your event and measuring the effects, so that you can demonstrate its value and / or impact.

Results &
Event Design

Event strategy

A conference or event (physical, online or hybrid) is one of the most effective tools to create value for your organization, association or institution. We support you in developing a clear strategy for your events, so that they create the exact effects that you have in mind.

  • As an independent sparring partner, we advise on value creation. We start from the organizational strategy and help translate it into what this means for your events. This can be an overall strategy for your events, or focused on one specific event. How can you best act on strategy to ensure maximum contribution to your organization?
  • We do this through an interactive team session or 1-on-1 advice, using tools such as ROI methodology, Objective mapping, EventCanvas, MeetingSafaris, Roadmaps and LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY ©.


An event is never an end in itself. The stakeholders involved have objectives that you want to translate into the event. We help you to clarify the objectives of the various stakeholders and formulate them in such a way that they become measurable. On both operational, tactical and strategic level.

  • Formulating a clear objective is a challenging job. Formulating these in such a way that it can really function as a guideline for your event and make it measurable, often proves even more challenging. Yet it is so important and of added value; it also helps you to get all partners involved in the event aligned with what you want to achieve. They will be able to put all their expertise to work for your clearly formulated goals. We are enthusiastic about such a challenge and are happy to help you to make your objectives specifice and measurable.
  • We do this through an interactive team session or 1-on-1 advice, where we can draw on the application of tools such as ROI methodology, Objective mapping, EventCanvas, MeetingSafaris, Roadmaps and LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY©.

Event Design

With clear objectives you can get started with the form and content of your event. Which shift or behavioral change do you want to achieve? Together with your team and involved stakeholders, we translate objectives to the design of your meeting. How and to what extent can the different elements of your event contribute to the objectives.

  • As a meeting owner or organizer you have certain objectives in mind. But participants and other stakeholders have their own interests and objectives for participating in your event. From a detailed analysis, we help you to examine all elements of your event and determine whether and how they can support the intended development. So that this leads to the desired behavioral change. We uncover the guiding principles that guide you in the organization of your event. They also help you to translate the message clearly into marketing, to partners/ suppliers, speakers and internal stakeholders.
  • We do this through an interactive team session or 1-on-1 advice, where we can draw on the application of tools such as ROI methodology, Objective mapping, EventCanvas, MeetingSafaris, Roadmaps and LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY©.


A successful event or conference stands or falls with a flawless execution. We like to leave that to professionals like you.

  • You know better than anyone how to organize an event successfully. Especially if you have clear objectives, good guiding principles and detailed design.
  • During this phase we are of course available for you to spar, if you feel the need.


Just observing the event happening already tells you a lot about how your event went. But with available event data and feedback from participants, sponsors and other stakeholders, you can create an objective insight. We ensure that you can accurately map this through the correct measurements and insights, from satisfaction to effect and impact.

  • We create insight by conducting measurements and ensuring that the right questions are asked to obtain the desired information. Feedback with which you can demonstrate how successful the event was (operationally, tactically and strategically) and how it has contributed to the set objectives.
  • We do this by (online) pre-surveys, post-event surveys and effect measurements. But also through MeetingScans and Mystery Delegates or focus groups.

Results & Impact (ROI)

Your stakeholders want to know whether the event has ‘delivered’. Has it achieved its objectives, delivered value and changed behaviors? In order to be able to determine what the impact and effectiveness of the event and the event strategy have been. We process the data and translate insights into compact and action-oriented feedback reports for you and the stakeholders involved.

  • Every event provides a wealth of data. Just think about what already is available through the registration form, the app statistics, interaction tools and evaluations. But data only generates value if you know how to give it meaning. So that it helps you to add even more value to your next conference or event and make an impact with the insights gained.
  • We are real data translators. We can make connections, create relevant insights and translate these – from our many years of experience with events – into exactly those solutions that deliver real effect. By overseeing the bigger picture, we can not only give you advice on how to develop your event, but we often find solutions that provide cost savings as well.
  • We do this by making an analysis of available data of your conference or event and linking it to the objectives. We provide the feedback in action-oriented reports, or – even better – by discussing the results with the partners involved in a feedback session. This way we can come up with surprising solutions based on the insights combined with their expertise.


Bij MeetingMatters dromen we van een wereld waarin alleen nog maar aantoonbaar effectieve en impactvolle events georganiseerd worden. Ongeacht of deze fysiek, online of in een hybride vorm plaatsvinden.

Dat is ook de reden dat we onze kennis en inzichten over impact en waardecreatie bij events graag met jou en andere eventorganisatoren en -professionals delen. Zodat we je kunnen helpen nog impactvollere congressen en evenementen te organiseren.

Daarom delen we inzichten in artikelen en geven we regelmatig presentaties, gastcolleges, trainingen en inspiratiesessies. Ook begeleiden we bijeenkomsten op dit gebied als dagvoorzitter/moderator.


At MeetingMatters we dream of a world in which only demonstrably effective and impactful events are organized. Regardless of whether they take place physically, online or in a hybrid form.

That is also the reason that we like to share our knowledge and insights about impact and value creation with you and other event organizers and professionals. So that we can help you organize even more impactful conferences and events.

That is why we share insights in articles and we regularly give presentations, guest lectures, training courses and inspiration sessions. We also supervise meetings in this area as chairman / moderator.



Take a look at our Inspiration page with many practical tips


Check out where we speak or have presented (including links to handouts and tips)


We invite you to a # DigiCoffee (or a face-to-face conversation) to exchange thoughts on your issues.


From time to time, we initiate our own (online) sessions on a relevant impact topic.


We provide training and team sessions (in-company and open registration) on event strategy, value creation, evaluation and measurement. In these sessions we use methodologies such as LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY©, EventCanvas and ROI Methodology.