Event Added Value

The most sustainable decision you can make or your event is to ensure it really adds value!

There are countless conferences and events, but are we always aware of the added value they bring? After all, a lot is invested, so it goes without saying that you want to know what that investment will yield for all stakeholders involved. We call this EAV (Event Added Value).

Whether you are an organizer, venue or event supplier, you want your contribution to matter. your want satisfied participants and sponsors who leave your event “richer” than they came. Regardless of whether that was a physical or online participation.

For organizers

Are you a meeting owner or organizer of congresses and events?

We are happy to help you set crystal clear and measurable objectives for your. We do this for every stakeholder involved in the event.

If desired, we help you to translate the objecives into the design of your event (EventDesign) and we support you to involve your partners/ suppliers to let them optimally support the set objectives based on their expertise. Often this also leads to cost savings, because you know exactly which investments add value where and how.

For collecting feedback, we help you ask the right questions and gather the right data to demonstrate how effective and impactful your event has been. Of course we provide a customized report of the results and we discuss (together with your event partners) how a next edition can add even more value.

For venues and suppliers

Are you a venue or event supplier ?

Then we would like to help you make it crystal clear and measurable how you can add value to events with your services.

We help you ask the right questions through customer evaluations, so that you have optimal insight into how and where you can use your expertise for an event. This way, you no longer speak in terms of costs, but in those of investments.

Of course we also help you, if desired, to collect the right data to show how effective and impactful your contribution has been and how you can add even more value at a next event.

Increase event impact

From our almost 30 years of experience with conferences and events (organizing, accommodating and facilitating) we have gained a lot of insights and knowledge. We have a backpack filled with practical tools. We are happy to put our expertise to work for you and your team to make your events even more valuable.

We use a few guiding principles:

  • Understand why you do what you do
  • Always add value
  • Only do what is necessary
  • Improve yourself every day

Involved and customized

Our approach is always customized. Together we analyze what your question or wish is. And whether, how and where we can add value in the most effective way.
Of course we have a variety of tools that we can use , such as:

Strategy sessions

  • Meeting-Objective-Mapping (incl. ROI Methodology)
  • Strategy sessions (eg LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY©, Roadmaps)
  • EventDesign (incl. EventCanvas, MeetingSafari)
  • Feedback and Evaluation Sessions


  • Online evaluations (pre- and post-event surveys, effect measurement)
  • Focus group (personal event feedback)
  • MeetingScan, Mystery Delegate
  • Evaluation / effect measurement of feedback sessions / conversations


  • Advice (1-on-1 and team sessions)